Angie Renfro

Angie Renfro lives and creates her amazing works in Nashville, Tennessee, but it was her childhood in Texas that is the inspiration of her works today. Angie paints what some would consider everyday reality such as a telephone wires, a grain mill, or an abandoned industrial landscape. It is what she does to the everyday that is so remarkable. Angie has found a way to make the overlooked become beautiful and treasured.

Driving cross the Texas flatland in her youth, Angie was drawn to the lonely landscapes. It gave her time to think about how we actually influence the landscapes we see today. Through her brush technique and the vibrant undertones in her oil paintings, she brings to life an abandoned old silo or a lonely bird perched on those telephone wires. When people look at Angie's paintings, most do not look at them and see Texas landscapes. Instead, they are reminded of their hometowns, or sitting in the backseat of their parents cars driving across the country on family vacations. While there is a feeling of loneliness in many of the works, they also evoke a sense of longing for those childhood memories created from their own past and then there is the smile and sigh.


Angie has been featured in several magazines, cited as an emerging artist to watch, and has her work in private collections all across the United States.

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