Cathy Rose

New Orleans based, Cathy has been either teaching or creating art for forty years. While having two art degrees she would say that she is basically self-taught as she has been exploring unique techniques and media for most of her career. Cathy did the art fair circuit for several years making great friendships and growing her followers. The past 8 years she has been growing her business, Lucky Rose Gallery, in the French Quarter of New Orleans.


Cathy’s work has evolved over the years. She started as a production potter, but became interested in figurative work, both as a sculptor and then a painter. Cathy is primarily known for her assemblage work in wood and clay. Her inspiration evolved from Southern Primitive or Outsider art. She is drawn to old wood and found object materials, but her work almost always begins with forming clay into heads and hands, which, when fired, are combined with a wide variety of materials. Cathy’s studio is filled with bins of old fabrics, wood from architectural sources in New Orleans and her treasures that she finds on her many travels. Her work is both serene and chaotic, a familiar home to her creativity and the very core of her work. 


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