Dietlind Vander Schaaf

Dietlind holds an MFA from the University of San Francisco and an MA from the University of Southern Maine. She now calls Maine her home where she creates her stunning encaustic paintings as well as holding workshops and sharing her deep knowledge of encaustic art.


Dietlind says her work references teachings from Zen Buddhism, Christian mysticism, the poetic traditions, and contemplative practices including yoga and meditation. She creates paintings that convey an emotional tone through texture, pattern, and mark making in order to communicate what she finds most lovely, haunting, and curious about the human condition.


The Japanese word jikan refers to the silence between two thoughts. In this vein Dietlind attempts to render temporary, fleeting moments of balance and stillness visible. Her paintings celebrate the beauty she finds everywhere, from urban dense cityscapes to quiet forest paths and bodies of water that reflect an ever-changing sky. Dietlind’s works are visual poems in which repeated lines, brushstrokes, and marks signify breath, light, reflection., movement, change, and thought when placed together in multiples, engage in a form of communion with one another.

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