Ellen Delaney

Ellen Delaney grew up in Hamden, Connecticut and has worked as an architect in the Washington DC area for many years. It was her interest in design and graphics as an architect that led to her attraction to painting. Her abstract landscapes depict rural farmland, focusing largely on color and texture. They attempt to distill landscapes into simpler forms while maintaining a strong sense of place the viewer can relate to.

Travels to Iowa for architectural work have provided subject matter for recent paintings. Drawn to the patterns of planted fields, simple barns, and big skies, Ellen’s compositions interject hard-edged, man-made elements in the fluid, natural landscape. Paintings are acrylic, and often punctuated with small painted collage elements.


Ellen lives in Alexandria, Virginia where she is a member of the Torpedo Factory Art Center, the Alexandria Art League, and Potomac Valley Watercolor Society.

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