Elvia Perrin


Elvia's approach is pragmatic tying abstract imagery, geometric lines and clean-cut shapes to balance the femininity and masculinity of process and print. Her prints marry the ideas of forms, voids and material. 


Through printmaking she exploits the redundancy of the matrix and explores the repetitiveness of making. Her practice convergences order and reordering of material with revealing and veiling of surfaces through overlaying ink and the contradictions of formalism with sectioning and shape. Elvia cuts up, reassembles, reorganizes and layers over drawings, prints, paintings, or photographs to find a new order: destruction becomes construction. The printmaking process allows her to pause and adapt ideas as plate-making and printing create detours and require adaptation. 


There is a balance of making, collage, and structured form using the female approach to construct work that exhibits the banal of formalism, finds order in the layering textures and traces of patterns with a quiet minimalist approach. 


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