Helen Lewis


A contemporary painter, Helen works primarily with pigmented beeswax, either in the form of encaustic or cold wax medium and incorporates oil paint, oil pigment stick, dry pigment, or pastel into many of her pieces. Both mediums involve building up many layers, then excavating, carving into, and highlighting certain portions of the surface in order to emphasize the luminous qualities, depth and emergent textures. Helen uses a blow torch to fuse between the layers of her encaustic works. Although she always starts with a plan when starting a painting, she then works to build on developments that occur from the intrinsic characteristics of the medium as patterns form in the wax and pigments react to the blow torch. Her paintings often appear understated and minimalistic in tone, but upon closer inspection, intriguing and quiet conversations are happening within them.

Helen has been featured in several magazines and publications. She is represented by galleries on the East Coast and in the Midwest and her art is in private collections across the United States.


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