Jennifer Asher

My works are small bits of architecture placed in the landscape. My intention is to transform the viewerʼs immediate environmental experience with intrepid, minimalist, abstract forms. The interplay of reflection, shadow, positive and negative space are all considered as each piece is composed and created. I am fascinated by the contrast when bold clean forms are set in the unrestrained beauty and chaos of nature. This is what I explore with my sculpture. Jennifer Gilbert Asher studied landscape architecture after a 12-year career as a documentary producer. Her travels exposed her to extraordinary architecture, art and landscapes throughout the world. As a landscape designer, she spent years using nature as her palette, creating sculpture in the form of a garden. Today, her contemporary metal sculpture explores the bold impact of shape, texture and color within organic surroundings. Her abstract sculpture is exhibited in landscapes and interior spaces including college campuses, public gardens, commercial properties, hotels and private residences throughout the US and around the world. Jennifer was raised in San Francisco and is a graduate of UC Berkeley. 

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