Karlene McConnell


Karlene did not spend her early years in the studio, instead she witnessed the unbridled creativity of children, most of whom were mentally and physically challenged in some way.together they explored collage, sculpture, drawing and painting, line, shape and value. The process of creating was the total emphasis. Today she spends her days in her art studio painting, creating, pondering and reaching back to those days of childlike abandon. The fundamentals of line, shape and color as well as the tradition of landscape painters who came before her inspire her and her beautiful works.


Karlene, a former Special Education Art teacher graduated from the University of Central Florida. She has been a museum curator and has exhibited in multiple solo and group shows throughout her career. She uses those real life experiences to recreate the joy and excitement she feels when she is walking through the abundant nature in her own part of Florida. Her brushwork and use of color harkens back to some of the grets like Matisse. She makes no effort to desaturate or blend but allows pure color, even discordant ones, to ring out at a maximum intensity.



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