Sheila Ganch

Sheila Ganch worked and lived in the Chicago area, where she created sculptures that she described as her connection and reason for being here. Always passionate about art and sculpture, Sheila incorporated her craft throughout her entire life. Over twenty years ago, she had the opportunity to devote her time exclusively to her art. Her drive was enhanced by teaching, her family, and traveling abroad; she continually learned through workshops with other artists who were willing to share with her their knowledge, and through local art schools and colleges.


Sheila loved experimenting and manipulating materials. Her early works consisted of metalworking; bronze developed into thin lead pieces treated with dyes and patinas.  Her forms became very organic, which lead to the dramatic shift to clay and stoneware, as metal is difficult to manipulate. This shift removed many barriers that metal had created, and allowed for new growth and experimentation.


Her work is about sculptural form, surface, and process. The forms are influenced by nature, especially ancient surfaces that show their environmental and evolutionary history. Her forms seek to define the human connection to earth.

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