Duncan Johnson

Duncan Johnson has been in conversation with wood since childhood.  His obsession of gluing sticks together as a young boy evolved with his mastery of craft and his signature aesthetic, the inherent beauty and qualities of wood is his medium of expression today.

Working with reclaimed wood he finds in his home state of Vermont, Duncan is known for his arresting 3 dimensional sculptures, assembled with precision puzzle like quality, countless pieces of wood turned into elegant organic forms.

Today, Duncan is working in the 2 dimensional world, assembling pieces to create exquisite graphic paintings. When one observes Duncan’s current work, they see the influence of his other passion, his love of quilts. The work is a contemporary interpretation of handmade quilts of the past. He does not use a paint brush to achieve these works of color; his palette is dictated by the reclaimed wood that he uses. Faded paint on one piece of the puzzle, next to wood with exposed drips, which are next to bold colors of buildings of the East coast, all coming together in vivid harmony.