Karlene McConnell

Karlene McConnell was born in Massachusetts and she spent her formative years in the South. This played a big part of her development as an artist. Living in lush natural habitats she observed nature first hand. Starting her career as a special education art teacher then a curator at an art museum, it was a natural progression for her to paint abstracted landscapes full time.

Trees, vegetation, rocks, water, and sky represent constancy to Karlene. These subjects are abstracted by drawing lines and organic forms with her brush, pulling elements to the surface and pushing them back down under layers of paint. The surfaces are worked rapidly and filled with fields of color. The paint is manipulated on the canvas until the elements unify to create a comfortable place––a place that, for her, unites mortality with immortality. She has developed a freedom of line and mark as well as her passion of using strong color palettes give the viewer a true sense of being in the nature, not just observing it from afar.

Karlene paints full time in a converted horse stable with fellow artists in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.